Joshua H, Changeletter Reader

Dec 5, 2021 5:37 AM
As for the thing I most enjoy about the newsletter, is the digestibility of it. Far too often, in my personal view, people over complicate the subject of Climate and often offer abstract and out of reach solutions for everyday people. This causes a sense of, “well I’m only one person, what can I do” or sheer apathy because of the enormity of the problem. You break them up and tackle the issues around the problem and offer solutions. So thank you. An additional but unexpected surprise, and I feel benefit, is your realness. This specific post being a prime example. Often we see people who build things and are successful and can think how easy it seems. I think often it’s more they don’t talk about their obstacles, struggles, etc…You do and with it comes a more human element to your newsletter. You pushed on despite having the climbing accident and you do what you can to build your Soapbox brand.. I admire and appreciate the humanness you bring, as well as the grit and determination you have towards making a difference.